Nice Threads Fiber Studio
Black Mountain, NC 28711
nicethreads at mac dot com


Nice Threads Studio will be undergoing renovations this winter and early spring so no new workshops will be scheduled until the work is done, probably in May.
Sorry! In the interim, contact Robyn Josephs for classes in Wheel Spinning, Weaving, Knit, Crochet, Embroidery, Book and Paper Arts and many more offerings in her Black Mountain studio. Contact her through her website for more information.

This list was updated Sunday, January 8, 2017 It is for information only. Currently, the studio is closed. Please check back in May to schedule a class.

Workshop Descriptions

Spinning | Felting | Dyeing | Fiber Prep

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Introduction to Spinning - Drop Spindle
A quick introduction to spinning on a drop spindle, the simplest and fastest way to start spinning. You will learn to make yarn in the first 15 minutes, get some practice in, and learn how to wind off and ply your yarn at the end of the hour.
1 hour class
$18, plus $3 materials

For spinning on a wheel, contact Robyn Josephs.
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Felting Classes

Introduction to Wet Felting
all levels
Learn the basics of wet felting and make a set of coasters.
3 hour class
$54 class fee, Materials fees: $3 per class

Intermediate/Seamless Felting
Previous wet felting experience required
Learn the technique of seamless felt which makes 3 dimensional pieces possible. Make a hat, a purse or a bowl.
6 hour class, with 1 hr lunch break
$108 class fee, Materials fees: $6 per class

Nuno Felting - Felt + Fabric
Previous Wet felting experience required
Learn the technique of Nuno felting and make a scarf with silk and luxurious merino wool.
6 hr class, with 1 hr lunch break
$108 class fee, Materials fee: $10

Vested in Felt; Introduction to Felted Garments
Previous wet felting experience required
How to approach a larger felted item, how to structure a pattern, how to layout & embellish a garment and what part fabric/nuno has in the planning process. Prerequisite: basic wet felting experience; experience in seamless felting is a plus.
5 hr class on 2 consecutive days, with lunch break
$180 class fee Materials fee: $23

For Needlefelting classes, contact Robyn Josephs
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Dyeing Classes

Space Dyeing Yarn and Fiber
all levels
Learn to space-dye yarn and rovings with simple procedures that you can easily do at home. Emphais on animal fibers (wool, silk) but cellulose fiber (cotton, linen, rayon) dyeing will also be covered.
3 hr class
$54 class fee, Materials fee $3 for dyes and equipment. Yarns and fiber available to buy or bring your own.

Painting on Silk
all levels
Painting on wet or dry fabric, starburst dyeing, folded patterning and silk painting, these are all simple techniques for applying color to fabric. The basics of 4-6 different ways of applying dye to silk will be demonstrated and students will have the chance to try out all these techniques in the class. You would be making samples for future reference, not finished items. It is not strictly a "Silk Painting" class, using gutta and traditional techniques, though that is one of several approaches you will learn.

This class is ideal for nuno felters, who want to have a painted silk base for their work, but will alter the silk with felted wool. The painted silk is not the final product, but an important component of a combined process. Therefore, the class can be very open-ended, as each person has their own approach and choice of technique. The class also works well for those complete beginners who just want to make a few samples to get an idea of what is possible in that medium.
4 hr class
$72 class fee, $10 materials fee

Color Journey for Fiber Artists
all levels and all fiber media
Knitters, crocheters, weavers, spinners, quilters, sewers and felters - anyone who handles fiber will learn more about their own color choices, and how to choose colors purposefully. We will meet 3 times to cover the artistic and technical aspects of color and how to put together a personal palette. Two 4 hr workshops in dyeing fibers (one for animal fibers and one for cellulose fibers) will complete the journey, and you will go home with dyed fiber for your next project.
2 hr class on 3 days (evenings or afternoons)
and 4 hr class on 2 weekend afternoons
$252 for workshop plus $15 for materials fee.

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Fiber Prep Classes

I just bought a whole fleece; Now what?
all levels
For Spinners & Felters who want expanded choices in fiber that a whole fleece provides. Covers washing, drying, carding & combing, plus info about wool breeds and what makes a good spinning or felting fleece.
$57 class fee, $5 materials fee.
3 hr class

For more classes on Fiber handling, contact Robyn Josephs