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  • Fiber - for spinning and felting and embellishments *SALE*
  • NZ Superwash Merino Top - spin - white
  • WNC Romney Roving and Top - spin/felt - natural colors*SALE*
  • WNC Alpaca Roving and blends - spin/felt - natural colors*SALE*
  • WNC Gently washed fleece - spin/felt - natural colors
  • Silk, Bamboo, Angora, Locks and embellishment fiber - spin/felt - natural colors

  • Fabrics - for felting, dyeing and sewing
  • Felting tools
  • Spinning tools*SALE*
  • Fiber


    Samples of up to 5 fibers available free by mail.
    The photos in the store are color-corrected to be a good representation of the actual fiber, but no photo will be exact. The best way to judge a fiber is to see it in person. Just email us and indicate which fibers you'd like, and include your mailing address and we'll send you enough to consider color, texture and weight.

    Superwash Merino Top - White

    Luxurious Merino Top, but treated to prevent felting and shrinking. Perfect for socks, sweaters and baby clothes or any item which requires machine washability. Do not use Superwash for projects that you want to felt!
    Color: Natural White


    Local WNC Fibers
    Romney Top and Roving - Natural colors

    Romney is a good all-round wool spinning fiber, and WNC excels at top-quality Romney wool. Some of these will also wet-felt well, and that will be indicated in the description. We have Romney from two local farms, in an array of natural off-whites, greys and browns, in both top (excellent for worsted spinning) and roving.

    RomneyXCotswold Top - Blonde

    "Mac" from Whistle Stop Farm, Vale, NC
    Combining the softness and crimp of the Romney and the long-staple glossiness of Cotswold, in a top preparation - the ultimate in worsted spinning! Also wet felts. 5" staple length
    *SALE* - $16.50/4oz


    Romney Top - Light Gray/Brown

    "Molly" from Whistle Stop Farm, Vale, NC
    *SALE* - $15.00/4oz


    Romney Roving - Oatmeal

    "Toby" from Whistle Stop Farm, Vale, NC
    *SALE* - $12.00/4oz


    Romney Roving - Dark Brown

    "Babe" from Whistle Stop Farm, Vale, NC
    *SALE* - $12.00/4oz


    Romney Top - Chocolate Brown

    "Bob" from Whistle Stop Farm, Vale, NC
    Smooth and glossy, good for worsted spinning, 6" staple length, also good for wet felting
    *SALE* - $14.50/4oz

    WNC Alpaca Fiber

    Long staple lengths, fine, soft and very warm, alpaca is definitely a luxury fiber.There is a thriving alpaca community here and we have some of the best local alpaca roving available, in gorgeous colors and several blends, at great prices. Alpaca blended with wool has the advantages of both fibers - the softness and warmth of alpaca with the spring and light weight of wool. A pleasure to spin or felt.

    Alpaca/Merino blend Roving - Light Fawn

    from Lorien Alpaca Fibers, Candler, NC
    Alpaca 70%, Merino 30% blend. Gorgeous spinning fiber, also felts well.
    2 bags available
    *SALE* - $10.00/3.8oz


    WNC Gently Washed Fleece

    This is the fleece right off the sheep, gently washed so the majority of lanolin, dirt and VM is gone, but the lovely locks are still in alignment and ready to process or use. Why get unprocessed fleece? Maybe it's because of the vastly lower price per ounce, maybe because it's a breed or color that isn't available in roving or top, maybe it's because you just love those plump packets of fibery goodness, waiting to be caressed into yarn or felted into cloth, right from the lock or fed into comb or carder. Whatever reason, we have local lovely fleeces ready for you.

    Romney - Var. Lt - Dk Brown

    "Ada" from Whistlestop Farm, Valdese, NC. You can get at least 3 different colors from Ada's fleece, from light blonde to dark brown, perfect plump crimpy locks, 4" staple length, just right for carding or combing. Not good for felting.
    $10/4oz, $15/8oz, $28/16oz


    English Leicester - White

    "Holly" from Hidden Spring Farm, Snow Camp, NC. Beautiful long 8" curly locks, beautiful for dyeing and embellishing in felt, using for dolls hair and other applications. Recommend combing only, since carding will break the fibers. This fleece will spin into glossy strong worsted yarn. It also felts quickly and strongly for bags or hard wearing items.
    $10/4oz, $15/8oz, $28/16oz


    Luxury Fibers and Embellishments

    Tussah Silk Roving - Natural Gold

    Glossy 4" long staple silk fiber, easy to draft and lovely blended into wool or as a felting embellishment.

    Bamboo Roving - White

    3" staple length, glossy and very much like silk, used for spinning, blending or felting embellishment. Dyes beautifuly with fiber reactive dyes.

    Blending Glitz - Gold, Silver and Bronze

    Also known as Angelina, you can blend it into wool fibers for a glittery effect or use for felting embellishment. Who doesn't like a little sparkle in their fiber?


    Updated 6/28/17