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    Introduction to Wet Felting Toolkit

    The basic tools for all wet felting projects, perfect for small items and your first tries at felting.

    This is the toolkit that all students use in Nice Threads basic felting classes. Get a just the toolkit, or get the whole package of toolkit, 2 oz packet of Corriedale wool and the Introduction to Wet Felting Booklet (see below) to learn Wet Felting at home. The Introduction Toolkit is perfect for the 6 basic projects in the instruction booklet, but also for any small wet felting projects.
    Toolkit includes:
    2 pcs - 1 ft x 2 ft bubblewrap
    1pc - 1 ft x 2 ft fiberglass window screen
    2 ft pvc dowel
    fulling mat
    3 pcs elastic ties
    waterproof apron
    hand-made soap



    Introduction to Wet Felting Booklet

    Contains basic instructions and 6 easy projects you can do at home. This booklet is the equivalent of Nice Threads' Introduction to Wet Felting class.
    Printed Booklet: $6.00


    PDF file Booklet (to be emailed directly after purchase): $3.00

    Introduction to Wet Felting Complete Package

    Toolkit, Booklet and 2oz Corriedale Wool (1 oz color & 1 oz natural)
    $20.00 ( save $1.50 over individual item totals)


    Updated 6/28/17